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Hell Recorded!

The Truth about the Hell sound recordings

I’m sure you’ve stumbled across a webpage or were emailed an urgent note saying HELL IS REAL!!!1!!! READ THIS!. It’s almost always a breathless story from a foreign newspaper of how Russian geologists were drilling Really Really Deep, when suddenly the drill starts spinning freely. The hole is some astronomical temperature. They lower a special microphone into the hole and hear the screams of the damned. Scientists then admit that Hell is real, and is only 14km below the surface of the earth! I see these webpages a lot on either Art Bell freaks, or websites that belong to evangelical Christians. Both swear this is an absolute true story, and usually end the missive with a command to find Jesus because Hell is real, and JUST LISTEN TO THE SOUNDS OF SINNERS BEING TORTURED IN HELL!! (usually accompanied by a link to a ReadMedia clip of poor quality and muddy sound)

Well. We’re a bit smarter than that, aren’t we? One such website found here or here (but don’t worry- all of these sites are near identical copies of each other) start off with a grainy picture of these doomed scientists, and a claim that the story was originally printed in a “well respected foreign newspaper” such as the Finnish Ammenusastia. Stop and think about this for a moment. See anything wrong? Why would the slug caption in a Finnish newspaper be in English? And there is no Ammenusastia newspaper in Finland. It doesn’t exist. Using several search engines, this word “Ammenusastia” only appears in websites that are of the hell sound recordings. Wouldn’t such a well respected newspaper have its own website, or other people citing it as references to other stories? In fact, the word “Ammenusastia” doesn’t even exist in Finnish, the closest word being “Ammennusastia” which would mean to be some kind of cross between a ladle and a bucket. Has anyone made a microphone that can withstand 2000 degree temperatures? Highly doubtful, especially since their supposed purpose is to be senstive enough to hear plate movements (called earthquakes to us laypeople).

So Hell is only 14 km below the earth’s surface? You would think that people would have clawed their way free from hell yb this time. After all, they’ve all all of eternity to do so! 14 kilometers. That’s only 8.4 miles from you and me right now. The deepest mine in the world is 2.6 miles, and the lowest spot in the ocean is 6.77 miles. That saves a lot of clawing and digging, you damned souls! Plus you can put out the fires of Hell if you dig out through the bottom of the ocean!

One question I’d like to ask the admin of LastDayWarriors.com… he says that he doesn’t care whether the story is true or not, as long as people are ‘saved’. So is he saying that it is OK to lie as long as souls are saved? Does God really condone this sort of deception?


While updating the website, I ran through the links on this document… it appears that the admins of the two above reference websites have removed their content… but the deception lives on! Googling “hell recorded” yields many more websites, some with the standard disclaimer that “we don’t care if this is real or not”. Seriously folks, do you really think God wants you adulterating his message? A new website, here references the story, but adds two new tidbits at the end. They claim that Jacques Costeau quit diving after hearing the screams of people while exploring a cave, or that one if his team members heard the screams of people in pain while in a diving bell in the deepest trench of the Bermuda Triangle.

Does this set off anyone’s bullshit detectors? All I know is that you can’t go into the “deepest trench of the Bermuda Triangle” in a diving bell- the Triangle encompasses the Puerto Rican Trench at over 30,000 feet in depth! At 1 atm of pressure every 33 feet, that’s… 909 atmospheres of pressure, or 13,362 psi. Oops, that might be 910 atmospheres, I forgot the freebie.

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